Refinery CMS Consulting

We first created Refinery CMS to meet our clients' needs.
Now it's the world's most popular Ruby on Rails content management system. 

Refinery Logo BigAfter three years of internal development Resolve Digital released Refinery CMS to the open source community in 2009. Now with contributors worldwide, it has become the most popular Rails CMS. We're uniquely qualified to customise Refinery to meet the specific requirements of your project.

Shadescapes Refinery Page

ShadeScapes Americas Case Study: Refinery CMS manages five discrete sites from a single admin interface.

Why business users love Refinery CMS


  • Tailored to meet your specific business needs with custom extensions including blogs, portfolios, and member directories.

  • You're in control. All you need is a web browser to update your site 24/7/365.

  • Your site is unique. Refinery is flexible enough to allow for just about any design and is mobile-friendly.

  • You'll get it. Even people who find WordPress a slog are quickly up and running with Refinery. Not convinced? Request a demo!

  • 100% free and open source. There's no fee to use Refinery CMS and no crazy monthly "maintenance fees."

  • Refinery supports Rails 3.2


Oakland Literacy Coalition/Oakland Reads 2020: Two sites, each with unique content and a different look. By merging the commonly updated bits we re-used 90% of the code.

Marque Foods Refinery

A glimpse of the custom Products Engine we built for a wholesale foods distributor to easily manage over 1100 products.

Why should you talk to us about Refinery CMS consulting?

Simple: We're the experts. No one knows it like we do. If you're considering Refinery for your next project, we'll be happy to help you configure it and create custom extensions to meet your specific needs.

Contact us about customizing Refinery CMS 

US 510 568 8840 — NZ 03 669 0037

Happy Refinery Users

Nick Gracilla"Just did the reveal for a client project, and the web editor cried out about how great Refinery is compared to her past editing experiences... they're already in love. And I love that kind of reaction!"

Nick Gracilla, Principal, Neoteric Design, Inc.